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posted : 2008.Oct.28 @ 3.58am

          You are invited to take a journey into Hyperspace, November 12th for the Grand Opening,

of the new "Stargate-Portal Room" at Temple Nightclub, created by renowned visionary artist XAVI

The first multi-media art installation of its kind on the west coast, the Stargate Portal is massive in its

scale and detail, and features an enchanting array of glowing alien sculptures, murals, and other

electrifying surprises woven together in XAVI's unmistakable style, to immerse viewers in a unique

fantasy environment!

     Created with the highest intention of Love and Light, the Stargate-Portal Room is a celebration

of our connection to the Universe and to all other Star Civilizations throughout our Galaxy and beyond. 

Don’t miss this landmark event in Visionary Culture.



                                        Flyer design: Andrew Jones



posted : 2008.Oct.28 @ 5.17am

Back in February I got an email from XAVI about his latest project. 

He was going to transform a room of the San Fransisco night club Temple

into a 3D manifestation of his 2D art.  This is one of the concept drawings.



He talked about spinning internally lit discs on the walls, faux texture treatments, murals and projections of visionary animation.

When the work in progress shots of the 3D elements started rolling in it became obvious that this was going to be one serious

installation.  XAVI had to learn the ins and outs of sculpting with industial grade foam (Hollywood Style).



Looks like he caught on pretty fast.  From concept drawing to finished sculpture the Space Angel came to life.







On November 12th the full experience with be open to the public and I will be there.



posted : 2008.Oct.28 @ 2.31pm

The preevee shots look delicious, too bad i cannot attend.


Perhaps in a few months.

posted : 2008.Nov.20 @ 10.21am

Here is a short video of the installation from opening night.



posted : 2008.Nov.20 @ 3.50pm

Makes me Smile XAVI

YOU ROCK for staying true to your dream and expanding your talent to bigger audiences.



posted : 2008.Nov.20 @ 4.04pm

well done Xavi, well done!

one of the best in full form visionary art styles I've seen yet.


and they flyer designs are really sweet to. nice one Andrew!




posted : 2008.Nov.24 @ 9.57am
Yep, that's from another world.  I'll definitely love to see it next time i'm up North.

posted : 2008.Nov.24 @ 1.33pm

So wonderful to see such a grand vision come into being! 


Well done Xavi!  The xavular temple manifests!


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