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posted : 2008.Sep.17 @ 9.01pm


Live Jam - DJ Kentaro ft. Kinoshita Shinichi



Kentaro is one of my fav turntablists........



posted : 2008.Sep.18 @ 9.45am


Check that shibble out.

By the way Ive been checkin out the fora for a while now... this is my first post as a member.
Hopefully Ill have some artistic niceness for everyone once i get situated and get my scanner and everything up. I just moved.

But yeah hope you guys dig it.

posted : 2008.Sep.18 @ 7.12pm
Thats  frixxin awesome!!!!!!  i had no idea that stuff even existed... great find... thanks foir sharing... calling Ry Cooper!!!!! 

posted : 2008.Sep.19 @ 8.02am

The Corpus Clock & Chronophage




posted : 2008.Sep.19 @ 2.23pm
That's time well spent.  Think i could buy one for under 100K?  I'll have to ask Rebecca to make me one. 

posted : 2008.Nov.09 @ 6.54am


hendrix tells it like it twis ~


»  hendrix right after woodstock

couldn't embed.  hendrix blows my mind.

posted : 2008.Nov.12 @ 8.36pm

This is a glorious piece of Vid Scratchness & childhood flashback. Tune in at 3:25 and on for the gold bits!

posted : 2008.Nov.24 @ 6.21pm

this is a trailer for the first of a few 2012 movies that will be coming

out of hollywood in the next few years. 

pretty heavy vision.  but the heavy heavy is a part of life, i suppose.


IMDB higher quality version

posted : 2008.Nov.29 @ 11.11am
on a lighter note, Tom and Jerry ~

posted : 2008.Dec.01 @ 9.17pm

posted : 2008.Dec.02 @ 6.19am
Robert Venosa and Peter Gric...  oh yeah ~ !

posted : 2008.Dec.02 @ 7.20pm
hendrix with other folks shooting the bowl (hehe)...
and also talking pretty meta, especially after 4:00.

posted : 2008.Dec.06 @ 11.44pm
a very cool advert for Toshiba.  (look ma.. no green screen)
I apologize for posting a commercial, but this is pretty cool.  


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