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posted : 2004.Sep.24 @ 11.48pm
Tex rocks!
Great lighting and storytelling.
Today I ran right into this wicked
tart's super sticky web. A good contrast
to the cuteness of the shy luminous snail.

Yet another unwelcome yard pest with a cool design.
The exoskeletal look is in now. Every body is getting one.

posted : 2004.Sep.26 @ 8.10am
whoa.. air I'm never coming to your yard.. way too many nasty critters.. Very Happy . what is that last one?

here's a few from my last trip out..

Foraging on the Forest Floor:

F 01

F 02

F 03

F 04

F 04 (IR)

F 04 (IR)

now with added noise

posted : 2004.Sep.26 @ 1.32pm
Such great photos from all. Smile I'm loving all the snail photos, and that horse photo on the previous page is gold! (I love horses) The mosquito shot is bloody insane...well done everyone. Are we supposed to be posting these photos together in here? Or is it cool with everyone that I have my own thread? I wanna play by the rules.

posted : 2004.Sep.26 @ 2.04pm
No rules! Post anywhere!

Just post the white crab spider and the bee.
I'd like to see those pics bigger than 640 Wink

posted : 2004.Sep.27 @ 2.28am
Excellent! Here's a couple of those SPIDERS for ya then.....Smile

I wouldn't normally post this big of images, but you asked nicely. Wink

The Traveller

Murder in the Microverse

Murder in the Microverse 2

Murder in the Microverse 3

posted : 2004.Sep.27 @ 8.19am
I love these pictures but.... after seeing that widow... and then the others... with the shivers running up my spine and.. and... *f34r*

somebody hold me? O_O

posted : 2004.Sep.27 @ 8.37am
I'm actually terrified of spiders, but these pictures (and the fact that I'm not face-to-face with said spiders) are absolutely amazing. Great shots!

*holds MumbaiVibe*

posted : 2004.Oct.06 @ 10.27pm
There are lots of scary looking insects in here. Super macro style!
Nice photos, Mark, as always. Deep respect and Scotty...those spiders are insane! Shocked Awesome photos!

posted : 2004.Oct.07 @ 10.10pm
This image is dedicated to my astral brothers Poxin and Phong.

posted : 2004.Oct.08 @ 10.05am
air - that looks like a giant celestial dandilion.

my friend - "Jumpy":

posted : 2004.Nov.03 @ 10.15am
air, scotty and all others posting there's soem fantastic shots here... Here's a few to add into the mix:

posted : 2004.Nov.09 @ 9.48am
A few trees (and a fern or two) from my previous jaunts out:





i've not got it in this shot, but there is a great image waiting to be captured here, a nice stark high contrast B&W.... I'm going back soon.



original colour



posted : 2004.Nov.09 @ 9.46pm
Actual takeoff footage! How long did THAT take to shoot?
very nice.

I found some Lichen and I Liched it so much I had to share:

Lichen It...





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