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posted : 2008.Feb.28 @ 1.09am

Porphyrin Rings



In organic chemistry there are ring structures that have rather fascinating appearances. The porphyrin group of structures strikes me as a gateway to something... An example of a porphyrin ring in biochemistry is the "heme" group in hemoglobin (with iron bound to the porphyrin ring, which gives blood its red color). Chlorophyll also has a porphyrin-like ring component, with a magnesium ion in the center. So, both photosynthesis and the cardiovascular system depend upon compounds with tetrapyrrole rings. Wikipedia // Porphyrin Rings Cool examples >> 1, 2, 3, 4, 6. 



posted : 2008.Feb.28 @ 11.41am

Totemeric Compounds



Here's a totemeric compound that I drew this morning. Granted it is probably impossible, structurally speaking, and would also be very poisonous if actually stabilized, but it still looks cool. I'm going to attempt to learn how to make artistic interactions between dream compounds and work up toward building new genetic codes and then proteins (imaginary ones, that is)! If the idea piques people's curiosity, then maybe we could get a number of sets of building blocks for life (some may not involve bodies!). Then, with the virtual reality of the phuture, people could plug into a particular biological configuration (kinda like silicon vs carbon based life) and run simultaneous lives in other realities! A way of communicating with other universes in the multiverse ~ ! BDVR (biodynamic virtual reality) -- what do you think of this name? 




posted : 2008.Oct.20 @ 7.17pm



Note the hu and the om, two of my favorite elements!

posted : 2008.Oct.20 @ 7.44pm

i am liking the sound of biodynamic virtual reality. not sure how this thread snuck by before but it is a very interesting concept. the picture in the second post looks like a molecular bufo.

very cool imagery, J.


off topic, but how is that eyeball artwork coming? was it ever created?



posted : 2008.Oct.22 @ 6.38pm

the eyeball artwork hasn't really evolved at all yet, but the flow is patient!  thanks for reminding me to get to it.

posted : 2008.Oct.23 @ 5.30am

I am really amaze on the vibe you got in youTotemeric Compounds

it open so much possibility for me. 



posted : 2008.Oct.24 @ 9.06pm

// Top Secret //:: 25-10-2008 Special Report ::// Top Secret //


Here some unique cliche of a strange spacial anomaly caught by Pod-01  the collective's satellite.

Boarding the latest technology in Biodynamic Vr sensor, it was able to record the passage of this unique event. 


According to the Pod shaman it is a reveal the presence of  a Synthetic Porphyrin dedecahdron  or a shape similar falling

into the Pacific ocean. It seem to be attract by the activity of an Aurora Borealis up in the north of our beautiful planet.  


Cliche 01 //

Porphyrin dodecahedron_01 


Cliche 02 //

porphyrin 02 


Cliche 03 // 



Cliche 04 // 


posted : 2009.Mar.10 @ 3.19am

Our Tridition  interwoven


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