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posted : 2008.Oct.09 @ 1.12pm



(Extracted from a Skype conversation October 09, 2008.)


Luke Brown (London) :

Trusting in the process and surrendering to Love allows the current to flow smoothly. The center of the mandala appears Awakening to the dreamlike nature of reality, or the symbolic dimension of existence is to realize that events in our world are actually lower level shadows or reflections of a higher-dimensional reality.

What is playing out on the world stage is an expression of a deeper process that we have gotten drafted into and is acting itself out through us. There is a deeper process that is incarnating itself through us, and it is expressing and revealing itself symbolically. Sometimes I feel as if my higher self has strategically placed all kinds of lucid dream 'triggers' in my path to realize my inner nature

We are not separate from the universe. The universe that is speaking symbolically is not separate from our consciousness which is observing it. As quantum physics points out, the way we observe the universe cannot be separated out from the universe that we are observing. There is a mysterious, non-local correspondence between us and our universe, which is another way of saying that we are not separate from the universe. The hidden, intimate interplay between ourselves and our universe expresses and articulates itself as the symbolic dimension of reality.


Phong (Delhi) :
Dreams so often act as connecting portals, we reach ahead through them out to beings we will soon meet, and harmonize our frequencies so that the manifestations flow smoothly.


Luke Brown :
Truly! To recognize that our inner process is manifesting in, through and as the outer world is equivalent to recognizing that we are dreaming. Becoming lucid in our waking dream means to recognize that our inner process has projected itself outside of ourselves and is manifesting itself as the world we are living in.

This waking dream is recognized to be our mirrored reflection, as it is the unmediated expression of, and indivisible from our inner process. The boundary collapses between inner and outer, and our inner process is recognized to be expressing itself through the medium of the outside world. The boundary between not only inner and outer, but between dreaming and waking has dissolved.

This dream-like universe is a living oracle, a continually unfolding revelation that is a reflection of, and not separate from, our own consciousness. Once we realize this, we discover that, both literally, as well as symbolically, we can put our lucidity together and consciously dream up the universe so as to wake ourselves up. What better thing could we imagine doing than that?



posted : 2008.Oct.10 @ 1.56am


   Plant the seeds of the soul, of pure consciousness, to help us remember to Lucid Live...




The Nirionissian Sound of the Universe



The Nirionissian sound of the Universe

posted : 2008.Oct.10 @ 3.04am

beautfully written words by all. did everyone here have Terrence McKenna as a linguistics professor in college or what? poetic vibes and visual overload. thanks for sharing your very intense skyping.  How about the full transcript? Smile







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