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posted : 2008.Sep.29 @ 12.42pm


Hey Podlings.. here's  the 'press release' as is:



The visionary artworks of Simon Haiduk and David Heskin offer a glimpse into the multidimensional universe through luminous paintings and digitally mixed media.




Join us for the opening reception on October 4th, from 8pm - 2am. Located at The Fall - 644 Seymour St. Vancouver, BC.

Instrumental entertainment will be lead by virtuoso acoustic guitarist Don Alder, whose style is described as “making a single instrument sound like a 4 piece band.”
Also playing will be Gypsie et la Fleur, with their exotic original music and imaginative arrangements of popular tango, gypsy, jazz, and classical tunes.

Edibles will be provided by Gorilla Food. - "We are passionate about creatively and consciously providing raw, organic, vegan, live foods to people who care for themselves and the world we live in!"

This exhibit will be up from Oct. 4th to Oct. 29th

Please direct any questions to:


my question:

( can someone help me post a video on here? ) 



 postcard backside


posted : 2008.Oct.10 @ 3.26am

Are you local to the area?


Looks infinitely awesome, my friend.  I may assemble a group of Seattle visionary artists and make a trip up to scope this show out.


Keep the flow

posted : 2008.Oct.10 @ 4.35pm

Thanks Lotus,

that would be awsome if you did that!


I'm 'local' now.

I live in Gibsons, which is on the SunshineCoast near Vancouver.


I'm originally from Kimberley, which is in the East Kootenys of B.C. ( near Nelson )




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