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posted : 2008.Mar.09 @ 8.38pm
We like it, quite.

We went to your site and ingested some of your aural offerings, and it enhanced the experience twofold. Absolus awe-filled chillbient crispness.

Thanks to you friend

posted : 2008.Mar.10 @ 10.03am
Many Thanks LoTus.
We're glad to be of assistance anytime.

much Love Very Happy

posted : 2008.Mar.13 @ 12.25pm

I don't know how man of you are familiar with Cut&Paste , but they are holding a competition for a 15sec max. Phototshop bumper.
I was stoked on the open box of "See What's Possible" and created 2 vids.
They were made as a perfect loop, and can be played forward or in reverse.

Here is a link to my profile page where you can view and vote: My SWP Entries

They are at low res because we had to submit on a webTV, like YouTube or Revver.. sooo.
When you go to each one, in the description are links to the high-res versions of the loops, (2 fwd. + 2 bak.).

I'll put here the high-res links to each of the loops.
Temple Garden Loop: Hi-Res | Higest-Res

Reincarnation Loop: Hi-Res | Higest-Res

I certainly enjoyed looping on these and getting tranced out.. I hope you do!

{{ Please at least click on each link on the Cut&Paste site, so that my # of views goes up.. helps with the promo }}

posted : 2008.Sep.19 @ 11.45am

I've been at it again with the custom brush tips in Painter X.. gotta love it!

This time most of the texture is actually only one brush.. it was fun to keep on going with it and explore the fractals and layering that it created.


Here we have a digital remix of an acrylic painting.

( below is the original )


Digital Remix of Painting

( it looks like the Jpeg compression made it lighter than I'd like to see it.. fyi )


if that's too big.. here's a smaller version to fit in your browser.

digital painting




here is the original, an acrylic painting, 24"x30"

acrylic painting




Next we have an acrylic painting, part of my Activation portal series.

This one is 22"x22", and like the others the grid is hand painted in mettalic pigments

looks waaaay better in RL... but this is what you get here.


acrylic painting



ahhn now back to the explorations!



posted : 2008.Sep.24 @ 11.59pm

very cool, simon. i haven't been playing with custom brushes too much, but the above made me think it might be this special time to try it Smile There are so many things in Photoshop!!!

Well, I liked remixed version of the painting. I especially preferred the top to mid section of the remixed version. Where you used this custom B. mostly.Inspires creative ideas. thanx.

posted : 2008.Sep.25 @ 12.40am

glad you enjoy. thanks!

yea.. I've been using custom brushes in Corel Painter,, but I know Photoshop has loads too.

but I don't know how to CREATE custom brushes in PS.


I've posted the new painting  on my new thread.


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