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posted : 2008.Sep.16 @ 5.48pm




empress of hip hop




 dakini force



*STARSINGER and the hidden council of seven

newStarsinger singing the stars awake



posted : 2008.Oct.20 @ 6.59pm

This is still under development, but I wanted to post it to make my dropage extra phatty.



~ New Light Comes to Earth ~



posted : 2008.Oct.25 @ 10.38am

ghost dance


ghost dance

posted : 2008.Nov.17 @ 11.08am
^^agape, I love the pentagons, octagons, and hexagons in that one!

posted : 2008.Dec.21 @ 8.28am

i really like your work here starsinger--on the "starsinger sings the stars awake" piece, what dieties / saints are in the background?


thanks philihp.  geometry play is fun, i do say.


by the way, this was the idea i had in mind when i was working on the above piece.

not quite there yet



i printed the above piece onto canvas last week for the H'art Opening in Seattle. 

this is 20x40 in., but i designed it for 40x80 in., just didn't have the money right now. 

i'm stoked to get this one finished.



posted : 2008.Dec.21 @ 6.02pm

greetings the deities in the picture are the green tara, kuan yin, buddha, krishna, kali, saraswati...

thanks for your post ,,,blessed love

posted : 2008.Dec.21 @ 6.03pm
thanks for showing the totem on your work i can see it now...!

posted : 2008.Dec.22 @ 2.48pm

this thread is blessed with cathedral-like luminoscity.

Thank you StarSinger for manifesting the Sphinx website!

posted : 2008.Dec.24 @ 1.08pm
thank you for your apprieciation, most high loves you!!! bless up always


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