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posted : 2008.Aug.12 @ 12.09am

BBC Sport's marketing campaign and titles for the Olympic Games

are based upon the traditional Chinese folklore 'Journey to the West'.

The animation and music were specially produced by Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn.


This is a subject they had done before as an opera.


posted : 2008.Aug.21 @ 7.33pm
Awesome didgeridoo and breakbeat drums live

posted : 2008.Aug.23 @ 6.55pm

posted : 2008.Aug.23 @ 7.07pm


posted : 2008.Aug.27 @ 9.35pm

Tagged in Motion

Master Graffiti artist DAIM "sprays" digital graffiti into empty space.



This is obviously the first phase of an idea that could become insane.

 Who is this DAIM you ask?  Well, here's a taste of his flow.




posted : 2008.Aug.27 @ 10.09pm

that is cool...
can't wait to see how far it goes
would be fun if the audience could all see it as he paints.



posted : 2008.Aug.28 @ 3.54pm
Redefining Individuality

Testing the Limits: Ice Man
For a while I had a dream of starting a farm where all of the workers did not eat but grew food for others. Not quite there yet... 

posted : 2008.Aug.28 @ 6.40pm

 in response to the age of spiritual machines


An homage to Ray Kurzweil...


Meet Jules, a very charming AI  





We can build you! That's right, no matter who you are or where you're from, we can build life-like representation of any character, past or present. Our state of the art 4-D laser scanning technology takes a precise topographical image of your face, covering every nook, cranny and contour, and then transfers the data into a solid mold. Apart from the physical attributes the robot, our team of A.I. developers, scientists and robotic designers will build a personality based on your knowledge, memory, thoughts, and speech patterns. hanson robotics

posted : 2008.Aug.31 @ 3.33pm
Into the Galaxy with Michael C.Place and Pritt
Paging, XAVI.  This guy is from your tribe, rocking fresh techniques.

posted : 2008.Sep.03 @ 10.11am
Paint ball printing

posted : 2008.Sep.04 @ 12.41pm

Das Rad

(The Wheel) 


Claymation and CG - witness geological time's perspective through two rock dudes, the rise and fall of civilization - 


posted : 2008.Sep.13 @ 6.58am

 Stan Vanderbeek: Computer Visionary (1972)



 Part 2 (Ponder his closing statements in relation to the year he makes them)


posted : 2008.Sep.15 @ 8.05am

the Large Hadron Collider...





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