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posted : 2008.Aug.20 @ 9.10am

i have become aware of a sphere of existence,

in a less known visceral realm, where pod cells

unite and guide...i am meeting with you in dreamtime,


i send deepest gratitude to all-- it is

though our conversations in this gathering place,

and through your belief and support that I have finally

come to my mission as human walking the planet at this time.


in this sphere where we co-exist, which feels to me like

convening among kindreds underwater, the fuzziness

grows clear, in the same way it does as you meet

in real time with a true friend, a soul who hears you, sees you,

experiences you.


i post the mission statement you have helped to create on my website


deep gratitude...


peace to our journies,





posted : 2008.Aug.23 @ 12.57am

ashe -

   bows from the peak of one heart beat.




in the worlds within worlds

  where fate meanders before time decides

  what will come to be,


dancing in the cavernous pools

 of our imagination -


galactik dream-compounds

crystallize around the tender heartspace

   protected eternally by

      the masters who have come before -


teaching us patiently to grow into the pattern of the walls

   becoming the ceiling of possibilities

   to weather all possible newborns that may ever pass

      through the nautilus of this dreamtime.



posted : 2008.Aug.23 @ 3.03am
ok i'm going to sleep right now, guys

i'll find you...


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