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posted : 2008.Aug.14 @ 1.06am

Here is a video blog of an upcoming journey I'll be taking to Asia for the next 3 months.

 It all begins here :

day 00.

San Francisco 

» The Supplies of a modern traveller.


posted : 2008.Aug.14 @ 4.13am
YAY : blog often please!

posted : 2008.Aug.14 @ 9.13am

Nice vid!  

You are such a space traveller.


The blog section is great.

It should be accessible from the main Illuminated page. 

posted : 2008.Aug.14 @ 10.33am
yay!!   how do i subscribe to it so i always get it on my home page?... xoxo

posted : 2008.Aug.15 @ 2.58pm

this will be fun to watch


you most def have your wires and cables covered. funny guy.


have fun



posted : 2008.Aug.15 @ 10.56pm
Safe journey and happy returns!

posted : 2008.Aug.17 @ 3.39am
The flight was perfectly un-eventful. Enjoy!

day 01-03.

High in the Sky

» San Francisco ›› Bangkok


posted : 2008.Aug.17 @ 10.03pm

thank you for keeping us posted here on this thread...

i feel like i'm right there with you

posted : 2008.Aug.20 @ 9.38pm

Here's the first batch of photos. More to come.


posted : 2008.Aug.20 @ 11.24pm

day 04-05.

By Land, By Air and By Sea

» Bangkok ›› Koh Phangan

posted : 2008.Aug.22 @ 7.44pm

well by golly gee



your blog brought out the best memories in me

of my 17 year old adventures in bangkok--

so much has changed...holy shit the city used to be

one big juxtapoziton...shanty towns resembling sagura basura/sagrada familia

horizontal instead of vertical plane, smak up against

the cutting edge high rise designs you were sure only existed in wealthy

hong kong and



the fumes, the journey from point a to b, 5 miles, taking 2.75 hours


and now-- for the most part, efficent, clean-- it's a mystery to me

so much change in a decade, only in the third world is that possible


those electronic systems that read your vehical as it crosses a toll bridge...what exactly

are all these waves beaming into us...the realization that

the powers that be can access this channel to make us do and say anything


and then the centerdness that comes as you delve into your belief--

knowing that if you are happy and present, you are immune


planar, and teeming, 3d--the greatest thing when it just expands itself

upward and outward-- cow dung, thatch and flies a plenty

the stench is unexpectadly welcoming 

elements of the vernacular-- the understanding of the enormous

vertical strength in a bamboo cross section-- so dense

 it can support the entire weight of a house on four 8" diameter poles

suspension above water-- what that means to the inhabitants-- living above water

knowing that you must do so some day, too...

so simple their subsistence-- and watching TV

through every waking hour of their non-toil


how long can that last?


you're riding in a handmade canoe through a filthy klong

reflecting on that prawn dinner that you injested last night

at the restaurant where they handed out condoms instead

of after dinner mints


(is it those sultry nights that drive that thriving sex trade? and what about those

kick boxing trannies-- so gorgeous-- divine goddess-- you are at peace in her presence)


and then onto ko pang kang-- flash forward 10 years, the millenium celebration

in a bamboo hut...sleeping through the shift...because the energy was so intense

it was best digested in the visceral realm...that half lit dimension, easiest accessed

in a place as far from the city lights and simultaneously blanketed by the sea

engulfed by the cusp of fluid and terra


the woman in the main village ko pan kan-- with those crooked teeth

crooked smile...the most mishapen and radiant face you have ever seen...

the fascination therein-- diving in, feel her history, experiencing her stories, her

emotional extremes and most importantly, the wisdom gained therin-- wonder

at that light, and then the epiphany-- all that she has seen, all the terror experienced...

it didn't touch her, because she stayed present...this she learned through the

numerous it is second nature


you do not share language in common

all in that extended eye contact as she mixes your yogurt and fruits


and...then, the speed boat ride back to ko samoi...

driver with a death wish, bow smacking the concrete sea so hard you

experience the impact waves as they travel through the petal shaped

fiberglass into your womb-- hello ovaries

wondering if you will ever be able to bear children following that experience

the feelings that this brings intense, the image of the village woman 

holding the templar space for you to mourn your past losses


i identify completely with your nervousness as you await the flight...

the panic-- what if you're found out?

what if they find here while you're on the outside and use your gifts for intentions evil

a feeling of powerlessness--


drink some more water on the fly

a flight and fight response recognized

and then, peace-- we are only biology-- 

hydrating cells can take bring you back to center


balance ph--you are special and untouchable.




posted : 2008.Aug.30 @ 7.59am

Phong, these are so well edited and the music is so lush.

I know you guys are in a deep writing vortex but I'm jonesing for another vid.


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