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posted : 2008.Aug.15 @ 5.51am

I was asked recently to make a piece for an upcoming group show here in San Diego.
The name of the show is Movers and Shakers and the idea behind it is to have regional
artists paint portraits of some of the people nurturing the art scene here. The artists and
subjects were paired up by the woman whose show it is and I was lucky enough not only
to be asked to participate but to get the lovely April Game as my subject. April is
the founder of a non-profit, The San Diego Fine Art Society. Sandbag built her site.

I thought about the piece for months wondering what medium(s) to use and how to portray her.
Then one day an idea struck me, I mocked it up in Photoshop, took some reference photos, made
a simple contour pencil drawing from one of them, added some fantasy elements, scanned it and
colored it in Photoshop. I decided to go with a large digital print with no painted touch ups. I like
digital, love it actually, and I think it's time the art world learn to respect it properly. There will only
be one printed at the size I am using for the show (60"x22") though smaller ones will most likely
appear in health care facilities in San Diego County.

The title of the piece is Dream So Others Can See and shows April manifesting inspiration,

connections and education. She sends out her gifts and receives energy back from the flow.

This is a simple truthful metaphor for what I see her doing everyday and the feedback from

others who benefit from her hard work.



The actual print is pretty amazing and it is currently being framed. I will post a

photo or two after the opening on Sept. 5th so you can get a sense of how big it is.

posted : 2008.Aug.15 @ 10.36am
that's beautiful air. i really like your style and the magical use of light you use in your pieces. i am sure all parties are stoked on this one.

posted : 2008.Aug.16 @ 4.44pm
Love the head piece and flowing shapes.

posted : 2008.Aug.17 @ 3.22pm
Amazing again Air. The likeness is great, I love the signifigance you weave into your work. The full printout must be something to behold.

posted : 2008.Aug.28 @ 4.26pm
Very clean! It has a tangible calming infuence.

Hopefully I'll be able to make it down for the show.

posted : 2008.Sep.30 @ 11.53am

Thank you.  The responce has been good over all.

The show was packed.  Here is a pic of April and I next to the print.




posted : 2008.Oct.10 @ 3.22am

Absolutely fantastic.


So glad you're getting your work out there. DIgital needs to be seen! And such a prime example!

posted : 2008.Oct.22 @ 6.20am
Excellent piece their Air... like it a lot!

posted : 2008.Oct.22 @ 9.24pm
nice one AIR... great to see it in full glory... congrats

posted : 2008.Oct.23 @ 12.36am

Levitation nation--where is that place btw?

The magic is getting closer ~ !


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