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posted : 2007.Sep.26 @ 1.00am
Thanks, D!
Those are great!
Further proof that I am a cartoon character.

Thanks for the card!

posted : 2007.Oct.17 @ 10.31am
Ha-ha, Air!!! Further proof that we all can be cartoon characters ... But you are more in touch with yourself than many others Wink

Becky, a couple more Illustrator sketches to inspire u to do something way more outstanding! I know u can Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation

And a few pen/pencil sketches. I guess it was that time to grab a hold of an old dusty pencil and ...

this one is called "Human Nature"... mystery... keep looking...

posted : 2007.Oct.24 @ 12.21pm
D you are a maniac!
I like. Especially the winged guys.

OK, so after not drawing in... forever, I sketched.... a key.
As so often happens I popped it into PS to check out an idea and got carried away.

posted : 2007.Oct.30 @ 9.37am
After drawing the face I got a Moebius style idea of what to do with it.
I love how Photoshop can turn my sketches into magical little moments.

posted : 2007.Oct.30 @ 10.37am

That is one gnose!
I keep trying to reshape mine to look like that,
but alas, no worky...

posted : 2007.Oct.31 @ 9.32pm
Amazing!!! Scale effect is so nice, I can just imagine this surreal feeling of standing between... these giant formations/heads and it make me feel... ahmm ... small...
Well, thanx Air! Now I do feel very small, dammit! Twisted Evil

Deep respect

posted : 2007.Dec.21 @ 11.43pm
D-Man, did I ever mention that your artwork is solid GOLD?
This is a serious drop, mate!
And is there a portrait or two of our SilverBirch I detect in there? (gotta be...)
When I first saw your CHANGED me...!

Deep bowz brother. Major respecks!
Thanks for the incredible momentum
your beautiful work brings.

...did you build stonehenge?


posted : 2007.Dec.23 @ 1.35pm

Atonement and Audacity

It was a slow night at the restaurant...

Sunny Salvia, major props on your work, too!

posted : 2008.Jan.30 @ 9.14am
>>> Sylvain! (belated - was surfing too much) Well... i am a bit rusty on all this "great stuff" man Smile but i guess all i can say is - THANX! (good to know that my art has some quality to make people feel good) And I also want to add, that sketching the way u do is da way to get somewhere. All major artists sketched plenty (some up to a 1000 sketches a day) and i see that you do it well. They are different you sketches... Exclamation , so lets deliver more! Laughing Idea Idea Idea

>>> Air I kept looking at the KEY drawing and I like it more and more. From the paper straight into world of digital beauty.

>>> Here's a sketch to say Happy Birthday to my bro Sandy!!!! He's an inspiration and support to Art and Music and simply da coolest DUDE. Love u man! Sorry for a crooked face
(this type of art is a bit different and I am going to make a post to describe it with plenty of examples and some description of the way I do it) I wonder if anyone can guess?!?!?

posted : 2008.Jul.15 @ 10.41am
That is wild, D!

Did this recently at Sandbag's seaside palace, The Sandcastle.

posted : 2008.Aug.11 @ 2.29pm



love the perverbial eye...

hmm, seems like your proximity to the sea filtered into

the subconcious


reminds me of this tirtum sketch done on a housboat floating atop the sacramento river,

turtles were swimming below



Turtle Emerges with Perverbial Eye

posted : 2008.Oct.01 @ 4.27pm
Just some nonsense I sketched up in my pad today. Trying to think of a color scheme and some background elements. Feel free to input.

and another sketch from a few days ago. Tell me whatcha thinks.

posted : 2008.Oct.01 @ 4.29pm

It's dope.  Good start.

Post the next one bigger and with a border.


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