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posted : 2008.Jun.28 @ 12.22am
"Your books of philosophy state that man should love his neighbor and forgive his enemies. Ours say that if a man understands his neighbor and his neighbor understands him, they will never become enemies. Understanding your fellow man requires the ability to put yourself in his place and to see things as he sees them. There is a great difference between knowledge and understanding. Knowledge is in the head, understanding comes from the heart.

"The vital need of your world today is simple understanding between the people of your nations. There is but little value in a treaty, a pact or a guarantee between governments, if understanding is lacking between the people.

"You have developed the means of rapid, worldwide communication through your radio, television, telephone and telegraph. Why are these means not devoted to a much greater extent to the propagation of understanding between nations? True, you have a few radio broadcasting stations which have been dedicated to the task of spreading truth, but they are far too few and the programs they carry consist principally of propaganda. Propaganda is merely the means of ..selling' another person or nation an idea or a course of action which you believe should be followed.

"What the people of your world must recognize is that the needs and desires, the hopes and fears of all the people on your earth, are actually identical.

When this fact becomes a part of everyone's understanding, then you will have a sound basis for the formation of the ..One World' of which your politicians speak so glibly, and your spiritual leaders so wistfully.

"The people of your nation, through your government are spending billions of dollars each year in ..Foreign Relief,' treating the symptoms of the illness. You are spending tens of billions yearly in preparation for the global conflict which, if it comes, will only prove that the illness has become fatal.

If ten per cent of this money and effort were spent in an attack upon the illness itself, (which is simply the lack of knowledge in the individual and the lack of understanding between them) in a few years the illness would be cured.

"The industries of your nations, released from the necessity of expending half of their time and energy in producing the means of destruction, could raise the standard. of living of everyone on your earth to the point that there would be complete freedom from want.

"With freedom from want comes freedom from fear"
and your civilization would be safely past the critical point in its development. Your greatest era, your Golden Age lies just before you. You have only to go through the proper door.

Maybe the Source of this information is crazy,
but the message rings true today, more than ever.

Daniel Fry
The White Sands Incident


posted : 2008.Jul.01 @ 8.03am
I like it.
thanks for sharing.

posted : 2008.Jul.02 @ 1.04pm
yeah,,, thanks.. good juju...


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