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posted : 2006.Dec.15 @ 11.21pm
woah andrew! seriousely epic...

i'm really loving your work...
can't wait to manifest a 3d interface
cause i'd love to do a collaboration with you...

love inspires

posted : 2006.Dec.16 @ 11.13am
Great to have you in the flow Andrew. Your work and skills inspire me to improve my technique. Thanks for what you bring to the picture... I remember exchanging sketchbooks with you that night at the MFP and going hmmm nice portraits... I had no idea who i was dealing with... Wink hope to see you up in BC soon... peace...

posted : 2006.Dec.18 @ 7.07pm

the energy in the brushstroke, the evolving web of overlaid patterns, the writhing interspatially connected matter and flesh;
they speak of ancient truths.

beauty. - Z.

posted : 2006.Dec.30 @ 8.35pm

are you mainly working on computer now or mixing digital and oil ?
can you explain the basic technique of something like the Spine one.

I saw your work at Synergenisis !!! but didn't get the chance to say hello.

next time

beautiful ...


posted : 2008.Mar.31 @ 10.21pm
Amazing work, leaving me with words whirling through my mind...
Astounding innovation, deeply compelling imagery,
the archetypal symbolism boiling outward pulsing into the world,
thank you, your work triggers my imagination

posted : 2008.Jun.12 @ 9.31am
Conceptual Artist Profile: Andrew Jones - Shape Sifter

Conceptual Artist Profile: Andrew Jones - Shape Sifter

posted : 2008.Jul.01 @ 7.52am
Oh yea!!
I knew it would be some kind of rockin-out art to music instrument! that's sooo sweeet!
next levels would be to connect it to some foot FX pedals and have it animating while painting!
ohhh yea!
thanks for bringing this into the physical Andrew!

Thanks for that post Air.


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