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posted : 2008.May.15 @ 6.54pm

it's springtime!
golden flowers
mountain moon

- issa


West Coast Art Exhibition Fantastico Interdimensional Art Show.

from out of the mists of time
comes the return of a legendary
visionary culture lineage event

come gather with the West Coast Tribes
to dream, inspire and vision
on the cultural cusp of a new time

treat your eyes to an magical art show
featuring visionary masters like
Roberto Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, Roman Villagrana, David Heskin
and many others
this years gallery will be filled with a fantastic array of art from
this world and the many worlds beyond

share a dance together
to the visionary sounds of Tipper, Bluetech, Phidelity, Michael Manahan
and a splendored selection of other musicians, mc's an dj's

check out an array of intentional tribal art, clothing and produce
at the Tribal Trunk Show
with speakers and workshops throughout the day

May 17 Saturday Gallery Show 3pm - 7pm
May 17 Saturday Main Event 8pm - 4am
May 18 Tribal Trunk Show 1pm - 9pm

limited tickets - purchase in advance at or at the door

special note : the VIP lounge will feature Bluetech, organic food and
a host of special ness : only 100 VIP tickets being sold and are
likely to sell out online (get your tickets now)
- also note that there is very little parking on elliot ave in front
of the building
(the taco time parking lot and blackstock lumber after 5pm are a good bet)
be careful to find legal parking to avoid risk of being towed
park on mercer or other outlaying streets - map link on

posted : 2008.May.19 @ 11.29pm
yay Smile i designed the programme for this beautiful event...

and Kyle Hailey took these wonderful photos :

posted : 2008.Jun.02 @ 8.42pm
looks so juicy...

I was a little heartbroken to find out about it after the fact Crying or Very sad

feeling a little out of touch with the visionary art community in general,
sticking around the home front and creating
but i'm sorry to have missed this one for sure...


posted : 2008.Jun.02 @ 9.54pm
what beautiful pictures... everyone just looks gorgeous...

posted : 2008.Jun.02 @ 10.41pm
yeah i'd like to know exactly what his technique is
clearly there's some airbrushing going on
but it looks like the way he chooses his colours creates this luminous effect somehow

i also saw his camera that night and it was about a 1000 dollar camera


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