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posted : 2008.May.21 @ 1.35pm
This has been a very long time in coming - and overcoming numerous technical challenges -

We've got our new sales site up on the web now -

and we are actively seeking the work of like minded media creators to work with in bringing transformational memes into the hands of those following paths of self-directed evolution -

we're seeking a variety of media in all its forms and permutations - with emphasis on enlightenment, empowerment, sustainability, adaptability and self-reliance -

we are most interested in creators who are willing to work with us on consignment terms, although we have a limited budget to purchase some items as well -

While the shop is fully functional, we are still fine-tuning the links & networking aspects of the site, but it should be coming shortly. We will be actively engaged in working with others for cross-promotion in a variety of ways in the weeks and months ahead -

While it may not look too revolutionary at the moment - we are working on many features and aspects to be coming in the near future - the most vital aspect of this is cooperative growth through mutual benefit with a variety of creative persons and organizations -

if you think you have media we would like - or are interested in collaborating in the creation and spreading of transformational memes world wide -

most certainly get in touch -

blessings -

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