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posted : 2004.Oct.21 @ 6.19am
My wife loves the Wizard of Oz (I like it a lot too) so I decided to sculpt a small bust of my wife's favorite character for her, and from one of her favorite scenes. It still has a way to go yet before it'll be done, but I thought you guys might like to see an in prog pic. Wink

"I do believe in spooks...I do, I do, I DO!"

posted : 2004.Oct.21 @ 6.29am
Now, Scotty, this is where I personally would really appreciate "progression" photos - sorta, how it all developed from a chunk of clay (or sculpey) to ... am I too demanding?!
Looks very cool!

posted : 2004.Oct.21 @ 6.37am
Sweet start!

... but yea, next time you should shoot it time laspe style
with sweeping camera pans, multiple colored light sources,
a little post production and narration by Liza Minelli.

"I mean, come on."

posted : 2004.Oct.21 @ 6.50am
Hahaha...Liza eh?

Here's the only pic I took while still fairly early on.....(I keep forgetting to take in prog shots...sorry, once I get's like a trance)

posted : 2004.Oct.22 @ 7.37am
Really nice Scotty. You gots the skills.

posted : 2004.Oct.22 @ 7.49am
Scotty, that is absolutely amazing! So, which character is next, the tin man?
You must photograph all of your carvings, from beginning to end! Smile

posted : 2004.Oct.23 @ 11.02am
Thanks again all! Everyone seems to be liking this sculpt...especially my wife, (which is what really matters I guess) but yet I'm still really fussy over it yet. I dunno...maybe when I get it done, and then alter 3 more parts I'll finally be satisfied. It still has a way to go the tail, more fur detailing on the one side, and the rest of the lettering on the front....there's so many "little things" bugging me about it right now....I'll just have to keep at it. I think I'll put actual wire in the tail, and do a "brick" design to the base. It won't be done until I'm happy with it...I figure that'll be 3-5 revisions after my wife has already said that it's perfect. Laughing

posted : 2004.Oct.25 @ 3.50pm
Here he is...done...or as done as he's getting. I would have done the brick detailing on the base more sharp, but since it'll never be sold or casted...I just did it simply, and I think it does the job. My wife loves it...and since it was done for her...that's good enough for me. :wink:

Time it took was about 8 hours wife is displaying proudly on her desk at work. Who knows...maybe it'll bring work, but in the very least it'll make her smile when she looks at it during those tough days. (yeah I know...I'm a mushy guy) Smile

"I do believe in spooks...I do, I do, I DO!"

posted : 2004.Oct.30 @ 4.10pm
Bravo! Thank you for that sweet WIP goodness.
Nice job... but aren't you going to paint it?! Sheesh.


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