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posted : 2004.Oct.28 @ 7.01pm
Damn, I loved this movie.

Fuck Yeah, I did:

posted : 2004.Oct.29 @ 3.47pm
Wandering around the streets last night, I randomly walked into this movie.
The Team America anthem perfectly represents the flick.

It's a fantastic parody of american culture at this moment, which manages to hit everybody who is in it square in the nuts. I love how the movie never chooses a side, it's just all over the place, showing how fucked up the situation is- how the world's 'terrorist' nightmare stems from the projected suffering of 'dicks', 'pussies', and 'assholes'.

Certainly brilliant and original in it's own narrow culturally conditioned way,
this movie would be weird for foreign countries to watch.

posted : 2004.Oct.30 @ 4.53am
my favorite lines:

"...derka derka jihad derka derka..."
"I promise I will never die."

my favorite scene:

The distress signal from the back of the jeep


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