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  topic: AFADRENALIN ( abstract fluoro adrenalin )

replies: 5
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postfora: optical   posted: 2009.Jul.27 @ 10.49am   subject: AFADRENALIN ( abstract fluoro adrenalin )
great stuff mate! thanks for posting it!... just an idea I had while looking at the cool sleek pastelly digital pieces... I though how would it look to see your hand painted pieces done in the color p ...
  topic: you tube

replies: 191
hits: 184937

postfora: linkbase   posted: 2009.Jun.19 @ 10.14am   subject: you tube
whoa... that was intense!
  topic: WASTE = FOOD

replies: 2
hits: 4848

postfora: biological   posted: 2009.May.29 @ 6.10pm   subject: WASTE = FOOD
thanks for posting that Simon... William Mc D is one of the smartest dudes around for sure... same with his partner guy 'ya'... 
  topic: Art Spirit Now

replies: 3
hits: 9151

postfora: events   posted: 2009.May.27 @ 4.46pm   subject: Art Spirit Now
looks amazing! great job to all!!!   love and light!
  topic: Interdimensional Art Tour // 2009

replies: 11
hits: 29648

postfora: events   posted: 2009.May.04 @ 11.12pm   subject: Interdimensional Art Tour // 2009
greetings podlings... Im transmitting from the Dream Pagoda in Berkeley CA... otherwise known as Phongs pad, where as we speak, master Delvin lies sleeping in the celestial dream chamber (living room) ...
  topic: Natural Habitat » Justin:GuZe

replies: 21
hits: 18285

postfora: optical   posted: 2009.Apr.30 @ 8.26pm   subject: Natural Habitat » Justin:GuZe
awesome city scape piece Justin... id love to see some new tags and throws if you have any you want to share... i can give feedback and help you refine their style if you wish too... peace...
  topic: :: visblog ::

replies: 168
hits: 203131

postfora: optical   posted: 2009.Apr.24 @ 12.00pm   subject: 1000 blocks
Hey Air... I just watched 1000 blocks... beautiful. that was aesthetically healing, and after my heart in terms of seeing how much elegant design is possible when working within a stricktly limited am ...
  topic: pod love

replies: 11
hits: 10882

postfora: optical   posted: 2009.Apr.22 @ 6.26pm   subject: pod love
dope!!  I love it!!!
  topic: art » Heavy Magic : Visions in Leather

replies: 39
hits: 81705

postfora: optical   posted: 2009.Apr.14 @ 5.56pm   subject: art » Heavy Magic : Visions in Leather
Awesome work Heavy!!!  I love the chain and wallet!... and those product shots are hot too... cheers
  topic: galactik hologram

replies: 10
hits: 30498

postfora: exchange   posted: 2009.Mar.22 @ 12.21am   subject: galactik hologram
Great Post!!! I can't wait to see the next hologram card... wink;)...
  topic: Natural Habitat » Justin:GuZe

replies: 21
hits: 18285

postfora: optical   posted: 2009.Mar.04 @ 9.56pm   subject: Natural Habitat » Justin:GuZe
Hey Justin... awesome new pieces man!  keep em comin'! have you done any new graff outlines lately?
  topic: Natural Habitat » Justin:GuZe

replies: 21
hits: 18285

postfora: optical   posted: 2009.Jan.30 @ 10.41am   subject: Natural Habitat » Justin:GuZe
Hey there... i really like the piece entitled "environmental darkness"... i feel it is the strongest piece in the series.... I really like the abstract green shapes on the upper right. They ...
  topic: Podular Poxidity (Naturalpath posters!)

replies: 9
hits: 11040

postfora: optical   posted: 2008.Dec.23 @ 10.35pm   subject: Podular Poxidity (Naturalpath posters!)
phantaxtic pix Pox!!  thanx! xeep it xoming
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