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  topic: Looking for an Artist for a Board Game

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postfora: exchange   posted: 2012.Jun.21 @ 11.03am   subject: Looking for an Artist for a Board Game
I like board games. I like strategic perfect-knowledge board games themed around construction and cooperative building and incorporating minimal, if any, elements of luck and chance (AKA Eurogame ...
  topic: Journalism in the Age of Data

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postfora: optical   posted: 2010.Oct.04 @ 10.40pm   subject: Journalism in the Age of Data Running Time: 54 Minutes Beautiful stuff ahead. 
  topic: Visions of the Web

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postfora: linkbase   posted: 2009.Apr.09 @ 10.35am   subject: Visions of the Web
>>  Tool for analysis of networks to detect fraud. Pretty groovy stuff when there are millions of dollars to be saved.   
  topic: Social Networks

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postfora: linkbase   posted: 2009.Apr.09 @ 10.31am   subject: Social Networks
On myspace, twitter, facebook, and lala, you can find me by searching "Philihp Busby". (fun fact, this was post #11111)
  topic: soul portraits

replies: 8
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postfora: optical   posted: 2008.Nov.17 @ 11.08am   subject: soul portraits
^^agape, I love the pentagons, octagons, and hexagons in that one!
  topic: Electric Sheep

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hits: 3853

postfora: linkbase   posted: 2006.Sep.20 @ 9.56pm   subject: Electric Sheep

Electric Sheep is a free, open source screen saver run by thousands of people all over the world. It can be installed on any ordinary PC or Mac. When these computers "s ...
  topic: photo ยป Podular Biology

replies: 164
hits: 162847

postfora: nectar   posted: 2006.Aug.28 @ 1.38pm   subject: RE: Con artist butterflies
Phong, that article on butterflies is fascinating.
  topic: Shpongle & Flashback

replies: 2
hits: 6399

postfora: audial   posted: 2006.Aug.25 @ 3.58pm   subject: Shpongle & Flashback
I have a feeling I may be the last one to see this...
lately Shpongle has invaded my "coding mussssic" playlist. One of their songs is featured in this: ...
  topic: Experiments in 1/f noise, and nyquist & resonating freqs

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postfora: audial   posted: 2006.May.11 @ 6.22am   subject: Experiments in 1/f noise, and nyquist & resonating freqs

Sounds best through speakers at at high volumes directly to your left and right. Don't deafen yourself, just make sure the speakers' vibration resonates.
  topic: Scholarly Babble

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postfora: babble   posted: 2005.Nov.22 @ 4.27am   subject: Scholarly Babble
In one sense, no two sentient beings are ever conscious simultaneously, in primary time. That is, no two individual sentient fields ever exist-1, simultaneously, in primary time. This fact is compatib ...
  topic: Ayn Rand

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postfora: linkbase   posted: 2005.Nov.03 @ 11.38pm   subject: Ayn Rand
Ayn Rand

Who is John Galt?
  topic: Bi-Mac-Curious

replies: 9
hits: 14114

postfora: babble   posted: 2005.Nov.03 @ 11.34pm   subject: Bi-Mac-Curious
i had a dell insprion 8100.

it was a decent experience. i regretted not considering size and weight after only a few months of lugging it around. at the time of purchase, it was the only laptop wit ...
  topic: Bi-Mac-Curious

replies: 9
hits: 14114

postfora: babble   posted: 2005.Nov.03 @ 7.32pm   subject: Bi-Mac-Curious
I crossed over about a month ago, and i'm loving every minute of it.

If you're looking for mobility, you'll get it with a mac. It's a loverly feeling to be able to close the lid of my laptop, and o ...
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