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  topic: Underground

replies: 3
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postfora: optical   posted: 2005.May.08 @ 4.55pm   subject: Underground

spent a little more time on it today.
  topic: Underground

replies: 3
hits: 4604

postfora: optical   posted: 2005.May.06 @ 7.13pm   subject: Underground

This is just a smaller glimps of the big picture (25% of actual size). I own a vinyl graphics company and have been wanting to put a "shred" ...
  topic: vinyl graphics

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postfora: linkbase   posted: 2005.Apr.28 @ 10.56pm   subject: vinyl graphics
hello fellow fora fanatics.

i own sign design, a vinyl graphics company located in california, usa. we do graphics for cars, boats, banners, window lettering, etc, etc etc, except that i bring some ...
  topic: <~~~ panoramics ~~~>

replies: 118
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postfora: optical   posted: 2005.Apr.28 @ 10.06pm   subject: <~~~ panoramics ~~~>

*thread reserection*

not as impressive as the other photos, but this is from Fremont Peak, CA overlooking the Monterey Bay. (in th ...
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