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  topic: 2 songs

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postfora: audial   posted: 2008.Mar.06 @ 1.47pm   subject: 2 songs
New Year 08 Inspirations

2 songs:

'Elevate' on auto play


enjoy the music...
and please share your visions that come while listening!!

  topic: hi all, i'm looking for some collaboration

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postfora: audial   posted: 2008.Mar.04 @ 4.47pm   subject: tell me more
I've music of all kinds, raw, classical, wild, native, exotic, rare, ethnic, rock, electronic

Wink and I love video

  topic: Organic Collective - Live Improv Sessions

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postfora: audial   posted: 2008.Mar.04 @ 4.45pm   subject: very interesting
my recent project The Sacred Language
is all improv as well many tracks are pure solo
other with multiple improv overdubs

the music creates itself and one inspires another
beautiful way to creat ...
  topic: New sounds from the BreakDubCore side

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postfora: audial   posted: 2008.Mar.04 @ 4.39pm   subject: dig it
great transitions and pulsation nation
orchestration hits my main vein

  topic: Musical Mixtures by Sandbag - 3 tracks

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postfora: audial   posted: 2008.Mar.04 @ 4.33pm   subject: yes bratha
tiki tiki

makes me think of riki tiki tavi

  topic: The Sacred Language

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postfora: audial   posted: 2008.Mar.04 @ 4.22pm   subject: The Sacred Language
Hello podlings,

The Sacred Language is the result of an ongoing lifelong study of World music and explorations in global self-discovery.
Over the Last 12 months I have embarked upon documenting a ...
  topic: do you speak the Sacred Language??

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postfora: audial   posted: 2007.Aug.04 @ 3.39pm   subject: do you speak the Sacred Language??

CD release: May 12th 2007, run time: 76 minutes

CD released: April 14th 2007 run time: 78 minutes

CD released March 1st 2007, run time: 79 minutes

  topic: the Octopus has emerged

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postfora: audial   posted: 2006.Oct.09 @ 11.44am   subject: the Octopus has emerged
thanks!! Wink
  topic: the Octopus has emerged

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postfora: audial   posted: 2006.Sep.17 @ 10.54am   subject: the Octopus has emerged
  topic: paint

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postfora: optical   posted: 2006.Jul.20 @ 6.09pm   subject: paint
Hello all

Reid DeFever
  topic: the Octopus has emerged

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postfora: audial   posted: 2006.Jul.20 @ 1.51pm   subject: the Octopus has emerged
Hello fello fora flora and fauna,

For your listening pleasure I offer a taste from each arm!

1 Tabla Solo

2 Taiko Duet

3 the Flow

4 Djembe Djungle

5 Doumbek ...
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