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  topic: poi

replies: 12
hits: 11493

postfora: optical   posted: 2005.Mar.17 @ 2.10pm   subject: poi
Cool FX.
  topic: Web Media

replies: 2
hits: 4592

postfora: linkbase   posted: 2005.Feb.13 @ 5.18pm   subject: Web Media
This site has some amazingly incomprehensible scientific info...some of the latest research in a variety of fields.

Generally, you'd have to be a mathmetician to crack most of it, but there a ...
  topic: Lizard Rider Collab

replies: 45
hits: 62555

postfora: nectar   posted: 2005.Feb.13 @ 5.09pm   subject: Lizard Rider Collab
Wow! Cool stuff. You could see these guys wandering through the forest. Air really brought it all to life. Nice sculpture, too. Applause
  topic: Bottom of the Echo • New Song

replies: 9
hits: 10552

postfora: audial   posted: 2005.Feb.07 @ 10.33am   subject: Bottom of the Echo • New Song
Very cool stuff. I like the image too. Logic seems like the tool to get. Have you ever worked with Acid? Tully was showing me stuff he'd done a while ago in Acid, and it was pretty versiti ...
  topic: xmas drawings

replies: 3
hits: 4631

postfora: optical   posted: 2005.Jan.01 @ 1.05pm   subject: xmas drawings
Here are some pictures I drew for my nephews and nices for xmas. I was pleased with the Hulk image since I inked it straight up, without using any pencil guidelines.... ...
  topic: Sketches • Whiteboards • Napkins

replies: 337
hits: 408535

postfora: optical   posted: 2004.Nov.03 @ 11.06am   subject: Sketches • Whiteboards • Napkins
My first post to the fora. I've been idle too long. Anyway, this was an
assignment for a creative exercise here at work. I added the pulp style book title later. ...
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