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  topic: India 2010

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postfora: optical   posted: 2010.May.04 @ 3.48am   subject: India 2010
  topic: Kundalini Awakening and the Meme of Chakras...

replies: 6
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postfora: biological   posted: 2009.Jan.03 @ 5.14pm   subject: niceness
NIceness... Thanks for sharing this...
  topic: 333 333 333 Avalokitesvara

replies: 4
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postfora: babble   posted: 2008.Dec.25 @ 5.48pm   subject: 333 333 333 Avalokitesvara
"Thus hath been opened thee,This Truth of TruthzZz, the Mystery more hidThan any Secret Mystery..." ~ The Bhagavad Gita        On YouTube
  topic: Quotes

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postfora: babble   posted: 2008.Aug.13 @ 12.34am   subject: playing God
""Playing God" is actually the highest expression of human nature. The urges to improve ourselves, to master our enviroment, and to set our children on the best path possible have been ...
  topic: i

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postfora: optical   posted: 2006.Sep.21 @ 10.51pm   subject: i
not done yet, but the latest piece i've been working on...

bigger versions here:

doktor J
www.doktor ...
  topic: new hip/trip-hop & psy-downtemp mix

replies: 1
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postfora: audial   posted: 2006.Jun.02 @ 10.09pm   subject: new hip/trip-hop & psy-downtemp mix

Stream (128kbs)/Download (73min @ 320kbp) 05.27.06

artist list

Cypress Hill
Unknown (laughing sample = Liz/Shelby)
Krafty Kutz
Ma ...
  topic: new piece

replies: 1
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postfora: optical   posted: 2006.May.25 @ 3.48am   subject: new piece
finished this tonight after many other sessions,
hopefully this isn't too big of an image, if so just let me know and i'll render a smaller size:

bigger version here

constructive critisism an ...
  topic: Quotes

replies: 164
hits: 152096

postfora: babble   posted: 2006.Apr.27 @ 9.05pm   subject: Quotes
I have to share a recent page from my Ken Wilber book - 'A Brief History of Everything'.

Q: This is also God and the Goddess--as Eros and Agape, Wisdom and Compassion, Ascent and Descent (re: evo ...
  topic: akhentek » a sample

replies: 9
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postfora: audial   posted: 2006.Mar.14 @ 10.08am   subject: akhentek = rock star.
akhentek got me my first dj gig at the tea house in vancouver about
5 years ago. quite the trip he is.

you won't find many people more dedicated to musika (specifically psy-trance)
than this guy. ...
  topic: :: visblog ::

replies: 168
hits: 200989

postfora: optical   posted: 2006.Feb.26 @ 10.01pm   subject: high rez
actually to make up for not having a tv for the last 11 years,
i've for sure had my eye on this 32" liquid crystal monitor
for a pretty realistic price considering i have a job and all

m ...
  topic: trippier plantz

replies: 3
hits: 4700

postfora: optical   posted: 2006.Feb.26 @ 2.39pm   subject: trippier plantz
greetingz pod dwellerz,

my appologizes for not posting much here lately,
as i am still mad busy with multiple projektz as
well as full time work for a japanese programming

anyways, n ...
  topic: photo ›› Burning Man 2005

replies: 40
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postfora: nectar   posted: 2005.Sep.11 @ 2.47pm   subject: photo ›› Burning Man 2005
all I can say is holy fuck, again and again.

wicked perspective air.

doktor J
  topic: new psy-chill dj mix

replies: 7
hits: 9301

postfora: audial   posted: 2005.Jul.09 @ 4.35pm   subject: new psy-chill dj mix
glad people are enjoying it - way more sickness on the way.

I applogize for my absence on the pod lately, as I have been
so busy all the time lately I have to avoid the void of almost
all forums. ...
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