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  topic: HEALTH :: The Lemon Cleanse
Tyler Gentry

replies: 82
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postfora: biological   posted: 2005.May.16 @ 5.40pm   subject: HEALTH :: The Lemon Cleanse
How much lemon can one eat a day before it becomes harmful to the digestive system? I have been squeezing 2 a day for a couple of weeks and feel pretty good.
  topic: XARA 2005
Tyler Gentry

replies: 12
hits: 16306

postfora: optical   posted: 2005.Apr.27 @ 3.48pm   subject: XARA 2005
Between the cool rocks and the colourful costumes its like a modern day Bedrock Flintstones party. Just a tip for neat fire photos is use a 4- 6 second exposure when the flame dies and turns blue crea ...
  topic: Atlantean Bass Hub
Tyler Gentry

replies: 14
hits: 14746

postfora: optical   posted: 2005.Apr.17 @ 1.47pm   subject: Atlantean Bass Hub
Mad props to Air, top notch in my tree bro. I have nothing to say that you don’t know already, so on that note peace and congratulations.
  topic: Self Portraits
Tyler Gentry

replies: 608
hits: 498442

postfora: optical   posted: 2005.Apr.10 @ 2.57pm   subject: Self portraits
This is one of a series of crazy me photos I'm working on.

  topic: My 50th painting
Tyler Gentry

replies: 2
hits: 4074

postfora: optical   posted: 2005.Mar.16 @ 6.51pm   subject: My 50th painting

I would like to share with everyone my 50th painting. It’s a creation that represents Genesis, a new world and changed environment ...
  topic: Paint a new world
Tyler Gentry

replies: 0
hits: 2223

postfora: babble   posted: 2005.Mar.12 @ 2.54pm   subject: Paint a new world
Lime juice on ice
An art piece to hang
A rusty nail, lead weights and snails
Crawling motion filters
Critical thinking unhinged and instinct
Random pebbles washing ashore
Turquoise blue my ...
  topic: Perfection is unattainable
Tyler Gentry

replies: 3
hits: 4816

postfora: linkbase   posted: 2005.Feb.24 @ 3.44pm   subject: Perfection is unattainable
I would like to share some of my most favorite living artists with all of you. Some of these artists have shown me support and some have nothing to say at all, but for what these people are worth in t ...
  topic: Spinal Contrast
Tyler Gentry

replies: 4
hits: 4460

postfora: optical   posted: 2005.Feb.13 @ 6.24pm   subject: Spinal Contrast

Spinal Contrast is the name of this latest peice. I used a variety of textures and high contrast colours to create the image. It’s symbolic of how life needs a medium to grow off. A surreal abst ...
  topic: Tyler Gentry's new website
Tyler Gentry

replies: 1
hits: 3485

postfora: optical   posted: 2005.Feb.11 @ 8.30pm   subject: Tyler Gentry's new website

Welcome, Im proud to present my new website of Visionary creations. I paint primarily with acrylics on gallery canvas and experiment with photography and a variety of media. I ...
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