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  topic: Quotes

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postfora: babble   posted: 2006.Apr.04 @ 4.46am   subject: Quotes
"The uniqueness of being human lies in our ability to continually weave the linguistic metwork in which we are embedded. To be human is to exist in language. In language we coordinate our behavior, an ...
  topic: An Eternal Moment with Evan Bluetech

replies: 3
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postfora: interviews   posted: 2006.Apr.03 @ 5.35am   subject: An Eternal Moment with Evan Bluetech
this seemed like an appropriate place to tag the poetiks that resulted when evan asked me to write some words for the liner notes of his new album. I was deeply honored to collaborate, and to let the ...
  topic: Marco Minaya

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postfora: optical   posted: 2006.Apr.03 @ 5.21am   subject: Marco Minaya
air just let me know he talked you into poding out. welcome! so glad you have joined us.
for a long time, the indigenous art of australia, paupa new guinea, the trobriand islands and much ...
  topic: optical ›› xavi:metrical // phong:gressions

replies: 50
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postfora: nectar   posted: 2006.Apr.01 @ 4.00am   subject: optical ›› xavi:metrical // phong:gressions
forehead brushes the earth
in profound gratitude to the
for wilde generosity of techskillz

higher glyphiks is in full service to the pod vision

ladyapples blossoms shower blessings u ...
  topic: dropping the balm

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hits: 3490

postfora: babble   posted: 2006.Mar.21 @ 4.34pm   subject: dropping the balm
Time is quick and passes strange and sweet between our rhythm fingers
life is strange and sweet and passes long and short between our breaths this air is
I give it to you fresh from my ...
  topic: Marco Minaya

replies: 2
hits: 5508

postfora: optical   posted: 2006.Jan.28 @ 11.16am   subject: Marco Minaya

I have just stumbled upon the work of [url=]Marco ...
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