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  topic: Art for Love

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postfora: optical   posted: 2010.Jul.31 @ 11.16pm   subject: Art for Love
I've kept these close, and very few have seen them.  I felt inspired to share them with this beautiful community, as I sense that it is your hearts and love that drive the inspiration behind so m ...
  topic: Casting Circles

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postfora: tutorials   posted: 2010.Jul.31 @ 10.27pm   subject: Casting Circles
Establish the area you wish to protect, contain, or adjust. Envision a circle surrounding this area, which can be on the surface of the ground or in the air at any altitude. If you are using this circ ...
  topic: Ka

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postfora: optical   posted: 2010.Jul.12 @ 6.41pm   subject: Ka
Gorgeous work Kala... I've been trying to get Ka to put some of her art up on the Pod. Her website is
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